Hughski Ltd announces new OpenHardware ColorHug+ device

Monday January 20th, 2014

London, UK — Hughski Limited announced this week that it is producing a new ColorHug+ device that is able to accurately profile displays and printers. It is planned an upgrade to the original ColorHug device that was only capable of profiling some types of display.

Hughski Limited has announced this new product after the success of the original ColorHug device. The new product is based on an custom-designed OpenHardware mini-photospectrometer and is able to capture all colors from 400nm to 800nm at 5nm-or-better resolution. A switched UV illuminant also allows paper fluorescence to be measured. All electrical, hardware, bootloader and firmware will be available for free with OpenHardware-approved licences.

This device will allow artists, animators and photographers who use Linux to have absolute confidence in the colors that are shown on the screen and on paper. At the moment only a prototype device exists, but design of the optical unit for production has started and the first production batch is expected in the next 9 months.

More information is expected to be released in due time, but some initial specifications have been listed on the website. Richard is asking anyone interested in purchasing a device to send an email to with [preorder] in the title. The expected recommended retail price is currently £300, but that may be reduced if enough orders are received before production starts.

About Hughski Limited:

Hughski is a small UK private limited company founded in 2011 and owned by Richard Hughes. The ColorHug is designed and built in London, England.


To learn more about ColorHug+, please contact Richard Hughes or join the mailing list to discuss the new project.