Buy your own ColorHug2 for £95

We are a small company and unfortunately we don't directly accept credit cards, checks, bankers drafts or cash. Please use PayPal or BACS to complete the purchase. There are no long legal terms and conditions pages to read. Please only order this product if:

  • You agree Hughski Ltd. can't be held responsible if your computer is damaged or stops working after using the LiveUSB or ColorHug2. Note: The ColorHug is a 5 Volt USB device, so it is highly unlikely to cause damage of any kind. The LiveCD also deliberately has no installer, so should be very safe.
  • You will have to pay any applicable customs charges or import taxes when we send the ColorHug to any country which is outside of Europe. The label will state the value of the object is £95 and is described as Color calibration hardware.
  • You understand there are no Microsoft Windows or Apple OS X native drivers included with this product. You can use the Linux LiveCD sent with the device on any modern PC. The display.icc file can then be saved and used with Linux, Mac or Windows.

Export Compliance Statement

To remain in compliance with the UN Security Council Resolution 1540, the World Trade Organization (WCO) Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade, U.S. Export Administration Regulations, the Trade laws of the European Union and any other applicable trade law, Hughski Limited requires the following certification:

This is to certify that you will not transfer, export, re-export, resell, or otherwise make any product purchased from Hughski Limited available for any of the following prohibited end uses or end users:

  1. The production, manufacture, design, development or use of missiles (including but not limited to space research), chemical or biological weapons or nuclear applications including but not limited to, nuclear explosive activities; un-safeguarded nuclear activities (including but not limited to nuclear power applications), or safeguarded and un-safeguarded nuclear fuel cycle activities including chemical processing of irradiated special nuclear or source material, production of heavy water, separation of isotopes of source and special nuclear material, or the fabrication of fuel containing plutonium.
  2. Any party/persons denied, debarred or sanctioned by any of the countries who have export/import authority over the products purchased or ordered from Hughski Limited.

In addition, you will not export/re-export, directly or indirectly, any products or technical data under this agreement to any country for which an export license or other government approval is required, without first obtaining such license or approval from the appropriate government authority.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not take your contact and shipping details directly from you, because we get them from PayPal. During the Payment process, PayPal will ask you to confirm this information. Please remember to check the shipping address that PayPal shows you during the payment process.

If PayPal isn't for you, you can also pay for the device using BACS although this method incurs additional delays whilst waiting for the payment to clear.