The Problem

Have you ever taken a photo and wondered why it does not look the same on your screen as it did on the camera?

[Camera image of robin] [Display image of robin]
Picture shown on the Camera Picture shown on the Display

It's probably because the LCD display on your computer has never been calibrated. This means colors can look washed-out, tinted with certain shades or with different color casts.

Using the ColorHug it takes about 30 minutes to take several hundred measurements from which the client software creates an ICC color profile. This color profile file can then be saved and used to make colors look correct on your monitor.

Introducing the ColorHug2

The ColorHug is an open source display colorimeter. It allows you to calibrate your screen so it can display accurate colors. ColorHug2 was built as an upgrade to the original ColorHug device that was only capable of profiling some types of display.

[Picture 1] [Picture 3]
[Picture 4] [Picture 5]

The Hughski ColorHug2 packs a huge amount of functionality into such a small size. It's just 32 mm wide, 43 mm tall and 21 mm deep. And the best bit? It's only £85 plus postage and packing.

Introducing ColorHugALS

ColorHugALS is a new OpenHardware device for ambient light brightness adjustment.


Introducing ColorHug+

ColorHug+ is a new device being designed as an upgrade to the original ColorHug.


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